Back long ago in 1996, I started this site as a place to share information on the barely known topic of home networking.  The site was originally hosted on the free webspace that Earthlink gave me.  Along with the popularity of the site, came the domain  In 1997 the site expanded into what was to be my high school original research project on home networking.  In the year 2000, after four years of high school, the project ended, but the site continues to live on.

Special thanks to Upward Electronic Designs for the cabling assistance; Powercom for supplying me with the original network jacks and expertise; The Siemon Company for their donation of new jacks, patch panels and tools; Chatsworth Products for their donation of a rack and shelves; Panamax for their donation of power protection equipment; Commscope for their donation of 1000ft. of RG-6 coax, and to Lanware for their donation of a network management program.  Thanks to all of you for visiting my site, encouraging me to make it what it is today.